• Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Corporate governance Basic views on

Because it lasts in the future, and maintenance improves trust from all stakeholders such as "customer" "community" "stockholder" "business partner" "employee", we recognize establishment of corporate governance with prime problem of management and promote construction of the compliance system.
We build the management system with high fairness, quickness and transparency and, through strengthening internal control system and risk regime, will act for improvement of sustained growth and medium-and-long term corporate value.

Summary of the present corporate governance system

In the board of directors where we brought two outside directors and two Auditor outside the company into, management policies or other important matters discuss and are decided after our company being composed of regular board member and auditor, and having passed through resolution of important business officers' meeting held every month. In addition, in manager fair composed of executive director and auditor and Manager of main sections, report inspects progress of monthly achievements.

In addition, in the internal management side, we appoint limited liability auditor toe pine as accounts inspector and receive inspection proof such as financial statements quarterly and install inspection room to carry out domestic inspection and raise effect of internal control.

In addition, we are supervisory board setting companies comprised of three auditors who brought two auditors having expertise about internal control promotion duties, finance, financial affairs outside the company. In the present, the staff supporting duties of the auditor concerned does not install, but, depending on request from auditor, we set that we can install able human resources who do not receive directive order of board member of basic policy of our internal control and maintain the system about functional enhancement of auditor.