• Management philosophy

Management philosophy

Management philosophy

Customer-First Policy

Trust from Stakeholders

Improvement of Employee Satisfaction

Vision Our Desired Future Image

We aim to be a hotel that can compete well on a world scale as a hotel that represents Kyoto while cherishing our historical foundation dating back to 1888.

Mission Meaning of Existence

We will contribute to the development of society and culture by providing the best accommodation, products, and services in every scene of life.

Codes of Practice

  1. We will anticipate our guests’ needs and take quick action with a bright smile.
  2. We will enhance guest satisfaction by providing the best accommodation, cuisines, and services.
  3. We will set a high goal and work on innovations and improvements voluntarily.
  4. We will keep ourselves clean and dress neatly at work.
  5. We will create a safe and fulfilling working environment and make efforts to improve employee satisfaction.
  6. We will understand the diversity of people and value collaboration and teamwork.
  7. We will respect fundamental human rights and never make any harassment.
  8. We will maintain a high ethical standard and strictly comply with laws and regulations.
  9. We will make the utmost efforts to ensure our guests’ safety and security by thoroughly implementing hygiene control as well as taking fire prevention and crime prevention measures.
  10. We will take good care of hotel equipment and supplies and clean the accommodation in each nook and corner.
  11. We will become conscious of environmental protection and endeavor to save energy and reduce waste materials.
  12. We will proactively engage in social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
  13. We will continue to do proper business activities so that we can gain trust from stakeholders.