• Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Basic philosophy

We are devoted to Customer First Principle and offer satisfaction of heart to customer.

We value the history founded in 1888 and, based on mind of best ACS of Hotel Okura, are diligent to continue being hotel representing Kyoto and aim at hotel knowing the world in addition.

Standard of behavior

  1. We receive customer with bright smile with kind heart politely and always act quickly.
  2. We offer high-quality facility, product, service by security that can be satisfied with customer even in what time of times.
  3. We carry out hygiene management thoroughly and acquire wide hygiene knowledge and keep oneself clean and keep in mind for appearance.
  4. We respect fundamental human rights of every person and do not take action to conflict with disparate treatment and harassment.
  5. We follow laws and ordinances and act not to make any betraying social model.
  6. We never perform antisocial behavior and we are resolute for antisocial power and cope and do not have all relations.
  7. We acquire personal information appropriately and use and manage and, without sufficient reason such as with consent of customer, do not perform the use out of the purpose and disclosure to third party.
  8. We keep healthy relations without closing up to supplier and business company.
  9. We value cooperation and mutual understanding (teamwork) of us phase each other and it is easy to work and makes the workplace with job satisfaction with security.
  10. We recognize reform, improvement to be condition of the company continuation, expansion and work on reform, improvement by oneself.
  11. We try for pursuit of appropriate profit, maintenance, expansion of assets and always keep effective administration in mind to get trust of stakeholder.
  12. We try for reduction of environmental load through the way of hotel facility and the administration method.
  13. We contribute to development such as economy, society, culture and serve to contribute to community as good corporate citizen.